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A Note from Toni

A Note from Toni

Hi everyone,

Toni Trollope here, veterinary surgeon and owner of Eclipse Park Vet Surgery.  Just wanted to keep you up to date with what’s happening our end with regard to the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

It does seem like our world is upside down right now and there is a lot of uncertainty out there in the community so I felt it best to let you know where our vet surgery is situated in all of this and how we intend to keep things running here whilst trying to keep everyone safe.

We are still very committed to providing ongoing care to your pets and we want to be here for you when you need us.

Vet teams all over Australia are fully aware of potential viral and other conditions in their workplace so we are well trained in hygiene practices and have existing protocols in place to prevent disease transmission.

However, the COVID-19 Virus is something new and we just wanted to reassure you we are doing everything we can to keep our team healthy and to keep you safe too when you are visiting the surgery.  

We will be closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation and adopting prevention strategies based on sound factual data and getting our advice from reputable sources such as the world health organisation and veterinary organisations both locally and around the world.

So what have we done so far?

We have set up a wash station at the front entrance to the surgery. Hand sanitiser is in short supply and soap and water is just as good if not better. We do respectfully ask that all people (pets are exempt) wash or sanitise their hands before entering the building and on exiting the building.

We’ll also be looking at ways to practice physical distancing between clients and veterinary team members and as such we’ll be making small changes to the way we conduct our examinations (just until the pandemic is over), so if things seem a little different it is for a good reason and we know you will understand.  

Things may change during the course of the pandemic but we’ll always remain focused on best outcomes for our patients, your pets!

We have a pick up and drop off service in place which can be used, especially for the elderly or vulnerable who may not want to venture out. This service will have its own protocols in place and will be subject to staff availability.

House calls may not be possible as it is a less controlled environment for us but we will always try to find a solution for you.

If necessary we are considering telemedicine which is fairly new in the veterinary field but has been taking place in a few vet hospitals around the country (before coronavirus). There may be changes to our admission and discharge protocols, script collections and other procedures. We welcome and value your feedback and want to give you the best possible experience we can during these difficult times.  

We’ll communicate with you in person, through emails, social media, signage, texts, phone calls and whatever other way we can.

We all have a responsibility > to ourselves, our families, our teams and the greater community as well as the animals in our care. Please follow the guidelines put out by the world health organisation and the Australian Government to keep everyone as safe as possible when we are interacting with each other.

Finally, I just wanted to say that nothing ever lasts and we will get through this. Think of all the extra time you can spend with your pets. There has to be an upside somewhere in all of this so maintain a sense of humour, stay calm, enjoy the little things, stay healthy, be responsible and we look forward to seeing you when you need us.



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