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Reviewed: March 2021

We are very committed to providing ongoing care to your pets and we want to be here for you when you need us. We are taking extra precautions to ensure you, your pet and our team stay safe.  

  • If you are feeling unwell, self-isolating, have had contact with a person that may have COVID-19 - please refrain from coming in to the practice.  Please ask a friend or neighbour to bring your pet in.
  • We are allowing the general public into the waiting and consult rooms but with a limited number to maintain safety during this time. 

These conditions may change at any time - updates will be posted here.

To all our Valued Clients:

A huge thank you to every one of our clients and your beautiful pets. Without your understanding our new way of doing things would have been so much harder. You have all been wonderful.

All Australians are continuing to work with each other to help manage COVID-19/Coronavirus. We are currently in a good position in Queensland compared to some of the other states however we are very conscious of the possibility of this situation changing should a breakout occur in Queensland and recent events in Toowoomba have highlighted this potential.  Eclipse Park intends to continue operating under a COVID SAFE PLAN based on our own risk assessment and probability by monitoring industry guidelines and what is happening in our own community and surrounds. Recommendations as to how and when these precautions should be implemented are subject to change at any time but we will strive to provide an environment where we can continue to deliver the best possible patient care, while also looking after the health needs of you, our valued clients, and our wonderful team of vets and nurses to ensure everyone stays safe.

We have up to date information on our website and our team are also there to guide you on current protocols and restrictions. Physical distancing as well as hand hygiene and avoidance of attendance if you are unwell is still the main message we want to express when you are attending our workplace. We may also encourage you to wear a mask in certain situations.

General guidelines are as follows:


Preliminary screening over the phone. If you are unwell, have had contact with someone with COVID-19 or have travelled overseas recently please tell us (this is less likely now but we still want to ask as some people may still be returning from overseas). If you are unwell, we can still see your pet and give them the care they need but we would ask you to have a well friend, family member, dog sitter or use our pick up and drop off service to bring your pet in. This person should not be someone who you have spent time with while affected. We will treat your pet/s with appropriate precautions to keep us and them safe. We can have a consultation with you over the phone and then give your pet the treatment he/she needs.


Email and Phone communication of current protocols. We will ask for confirmation of your email and phone number to ensure you receive any current information about protocols once your appointment is confirmed.

Contact Tracing. Businesses across Queensland and Australia and within our industry are keeping contact details of all clients, visitors and delivery/services personnel who enter the premises. We will have a QR (quick response) bar code for you to scan with your phone OR we can take your details down on a form or spreadsheet if you do not have a phone. We are doing this for all people regardless of time spent on the premises as we do not have the ability to time individual people or predict wait times. This should have little impact on your visit and records are only kept for 28 days. 

Reducing the amount of face to face time between our team members and clients. The health department recommends keeping close personal contact to less than 15 minutes and preferably avoid altogether if possible. As such we will discuss the case with you but may perform parts of a physical examination with your pet in a separate area or use our staff to hold pets while keeping appropriate social distancing. We know you love your pets and we will care for them as we always do.

Asking people to avoid physical contact and practice physical distancing. We all naturally want to shake hands as part of a greeting and it is a difficult habit to break but most people are aware of this now. There is also a physical barrier in front of reception to ensure physical distancing between reception and clients.

Frequent cleaning of commonly used services and areas. We will reduce any potential environmental contamination by cleaning with agents that have effect against corona viruses, particularly COVID-19. We have detailed cleaning protocols and use agents with high levels of proven efficacy based on external advice. We also have hygiene stations on entry and exit from the building and in the reception area. We do encourage you to carry your own pen for signing any documents if required but where possible we will be converting to digital forms and signatures. 

We ask that only one family member brings your pet to our surgery. Small children accompanying an adult are an exception of course but you may be asked to wait outside and have a nurse bring your pet inside. Some cases may be more complicated and require your presence in the room and if so, precautions will need to be taken.  We are also very happy to have other family members join via phone or video call in certain situations and will always do our best to tailor to special circumstances. If wait times are prolonged and you would like us to admit your pet while you wait elsewhere, we are happy to do this. For the time being we are not allowing families to visit their pets whilst in hospital but we will send photos or video of them to you whenever possible. 

Euthanasia. We will make exceptions to some of the Covid-19 rules for euthanasia and allow one person in the room provided the person attending is well. We will require the owner and all staff to wear a mask during the procedure due to this being a very emotional and difficult time at the end of your pet’s life. We know how important this time is so will do our best to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible. We may allow more than one person but would need to assess the situation before approving. 


Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic.




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